Welcome to the SHAPE journal
Dr Peter Mothersole & Jim Schofield 1971
Purpose of the Journal

Shape & are the main projects of two retired University lecturers, but they are directed to serve everybody. Shape will not conform to the usual structures demanded by academic publication.

It must communicate directly with ordinary people on important issues that they would love to see addressed, AND have their own say. As such, it is perhaps surprising that its main emphasis (initially at least) is concerned with Philosophy... but it shouldn't be!

Anyone who has spent as much time as the initiators of the Journal, talking and listening in pubs, will know that Philosophy, though certainly not the academic version, is the concern of, and interest of, everybody. Philosophy even led to the First International Working Men's Association in the 19th Century, which was overtly dedicated to Social Revolution. Few academic philosophers subscribed, but it was soon packed with ordinary people. So, millions of workers thought that those issues were important enough for them to decide to listen to such an organisation.

We will start the ball rolling with short articles on a variety of topics (or Strands), and we hope that it will develop well beyond what we can contribute. Indeed, we hope that it will become a serious, first port of call for all seekers of the truth. Please participate, not only in reading, but crucially in writing for the Journal.

Many Thanks,

Jim Schofield & Dr. Peter Mothersole


Purpose of the journal

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