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Audio Issue 05 of SHAPE on Leninism in 2024 what is to be done

The Audio


Audio Issue 05

Lenin II:

What is to be done now,
and why?

Welcome to the fifth Audio Issue of the SHAPE Journal, continuing a new series of special editions published to mark the centenary of Lenin's death.

Lenin died 100 years ago this year. He changed the course of 20th century history - but what is left of his legacy today? Is it still possible to build on his vital ideas? It’s certainly not enough just to mourn, celebrate or even try and resurrect Lenin somehow from the ashes - we have to try and use something of his original philosophy to usher in what Jim Schofield calls “the wholly new”. In the midst of crisis, novel and totally unforeseen opportunities and forms can arise. The revolutionary theorist must be able to spot these changes and make use of them as they happen, just as Lenin did in 1917.

What needs to be done next then, is far from simple. A dynamic new approach to revolutionary philosophy is needed. A wholly new Leninism, fit for the 21st century.

Mick Schofield
MAY 2024

Digitised tapes for this issue:

What, How and Why?:

Soviet Philosophy:

Class, Control and Contention:

Contention and Revolution: