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Are You A Real Marxist?

AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


Marxism is the Dialectical Materialist philosophy. Is that what it is to those who today fight for socialism, or are they just “left activists”? Do we today see the role of Marxism as relevant in ALL spheres of Human Thinking, and why was its founder a philosopher?
Could it be that Marx’s own crucial rider about changing the World has, for most adherents, changed its initial all-embracing role into being only a source of political arguments? While all academic philosophers have remained exactly where they were before Marx, NO significant developments are being made by socialists to their own sharpest weapon. Yet the tasks for such contributions abound!

The crisis in Sub-Atomic Physics, though initially tackled over 70 years ago by Christopher Caudwell, has never been carried to completion. The current Banking Crisis and following Slump, which is, as always, inexplicable by all varieties of bourgeois theorists, is also not delivered by those supposedly best equipped to deliver – the Marxists. Yet without such continued development of Marxism, all activism, no matter how well intentioned, is bound to fail! For over 100 years the key question for Marxists has clearly been the task of a concerted effort to conquer and deliver a full explanation of all Emergences – from the Origin of Life on Earth to Social Revolutions.
Where is it?

1. Do socialist activists consider themselves to be Marxists, and if so, what do they think that it entails?

2. The role of Marxism in all areas of Human Thinking is now ignored! Why did Marx and Engels tackle the whole range of human endeavour in their writings?

3. Marxist Philosophy as an essential tooling-up of socialists for all aspects of Human Thought was most certainly its initial intention, and yet it is now left largely to its greatest enemies – the academic
philosophers to deal with it in any way, while those for whom it was developed ignore it in ALL their day-to-day problems.

4. Yet from Zeno to Marx real philosophy was both defined and addressed, and yet its most obvious areas of application from the continuity/descreteness conundrum in Sub-Atomic Physics to the present Slump are NOT addressed by its supposed adherents.

5. The task of present-day Marxists must be to tackle all these phenomena in terms of Emergences – interludes of revolutionary Qualitative Change. Yet this, area of study, the clearest yet for Marxists is left to those least able to do it any justice at all – university academics.

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