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The B in Bang

SERIES: The Shell Universe
AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


This paper was, surprisingly, the last to be written, yet it had to take its place as the first in this whole series on the concept of the Shell Universe. It simply had to preface and introduce the initial lead-in entitled The Nature of the Primary Cataclysmic Event, because both it and the following papers were much too limited in scope – being basically consequent developments of a couple of simple technical ideas – a Big Bang of limited duration, and the assumption of Totally Internal Reflection of all radiation at the boundaries of such a Universe.

Yet the revelations of such a Universe became more and more resonant with the actually existing and extensively observed Universe, and also seemed to make entirely redundant many of the formal constructs of the current Copenhagen-dominated Cosmology. So, a wider and deeper look at the initiating Event had to be undertaken, and this paper attempts to provide what is clearly necessary.


1.A short introduction explains why this extra paper was necessary. For a described Universe as a Form without either content or evolution would certainly be inadequate in this series. The crucial emphasis had to be to spell out the Big Bang as some sort of Supernova-type of Emergence.

2.A more detailed comparison of a general Emergence and the sequence of collapsing/explosive Events in the history of a star are then described. The crucial ideas of Stability based upon a self-maintaining balance, and its inevitable demise due to the ever-present forces of the Second Law of Thermodynamics is then described. Its necessary longevity and final termination are also explained.

3.The belief in “eternal relations” and their equations is shown to be consequent upon both the principle of Plurality, and in what has been discovered in the present latest Stability. And the only standpoint likely to address the important questions raised by this Event is said to be Holism. For the basis of Plurality also determines a whole and subsequent methodology that is incapable of dealing with true creative Evolution, and which is essential in such tumultuous and innovative Events.

4.A necessary re-iteration of the main arguments for the trajectory of any Emergence is then delivered – tracing out the various phases of Catastrophe, Creation and final conservative Stability. The crucial role of the so-called “policemen processes” in the maintenance of Stability is described, and the amazing switches between destructive positive feedback to creative positive feedback, and finally to the stability delivered by negative feedback is both described and explained.

5.The inadequacy of a stability-based and Plurality defined Science in such crucial episodes of dramatic Qualitative Change is also explained, and the as yet only partly defined Holistic Science is then described as the only standpoint and method likely to reveal what is going on, is also put forward.

6.The example of the trajectory of ideas around the Empty Photon concept is delivered as illustrative of a holistic approach, wherein this entity, devised to address anomalies in the Copenhagen Interpretation of experiments like the Double Slit with Electrons, was ultimately redefined as a mutually-orbiting union of a positron and an electron, and compared with a similar entity revealed in Accelerator experiments.

7.Perhaps surprisingly, the demise of a long period of Stability was shown to be down (as is usually assumed) to the dissolutory effects of Second Law processes. But uniquely, those are not “always the same”, and are usually opposed and contained, and Stability is maintained. But even these are selected for efficacy and in the end will bring any Stability to an unstoppable end. It is these destructive processes that precipitate all Emergences, and not the usually assumed innovative and productive forces.

8.The alternative to inner deleterious processes for bringing about an Emergence, can, just as easily, be caused by exterior calamities such as asteroid impacts (as with what happened at the end of the Cretaceous period). Such Events “do the job” of the initial deep collapse, and trigger the same sort of unbridled innovative Phase following it. But, to make such external causes the only sources, would be a major mistake. Emergences are happening all the time, at a multiplicity of Levels, and the major causes are normally internal as has been described here.

9.A final re-iteration of the main planks of the Theory of Emergences is mapped onto the Big Bang, and in particular, the necessity of a prior Stability, before the cataclysm of the Big Bang is emphasized. And as a last thrust the evident requirement of Asymmetry is shown to be possible with the Big Bang as an Emergent Event, but impossible with it as a formal emanation from a Physical Singularity, which could only be totally symmetric!

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