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The Primary Cataclysmic Event

SERIES: The Shell Universe
AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


To have any hope of explaining the generally admitted evolution of the Universe, we must have some, at least adequate, conception of the initial cataclysm that seems to have started the whole process. And “tidy” conceptions of “Nothing” will not suffice! For, as distinct from a purely formalist conception, this author (who has also produced the Theory of Emergence) can do no other but consider this Event, above all others, as the definitive Emergence, for at every crucial turning point in all subsequent developments, such revolutionary incidents have been the only incident that has proved capable of the creation of the wholly new.

Such Events always comprise the destruction of some prior, self-maintaining Stability, and, via the total dismantling of that prior Order, deliver the only circumstances that can reconstruct afresh into an entirely new and superior Level. Now, this involves no mere fitting up to a banker idea, for such would achieve nothing. We have, instead, to equip ourselves to handle Reality in evolution throughout its known existence and such a “tailoring” could only be about their designer, and NOT about self-moving and developing Reality itself. So, to tackle such a task we would have to direct ourselves away from mechanisms of quantitative change to much more important episodes of Significant Qualitative Change – an area not usually addressed.

And from much later examples, such as the Origin of Life on Earth, and even Social Revolutions, it has become clear that such Events were neither mere re-organisations nor the total dismantling of all current processes. On the contrary, they were about the intrinsic relations between Order and Chaos! To the Second Law of Thermodynamics, there had to be added its exact opposite – a drive to Order!

Crucially, such an Event will never be found in a set of fundamental components that were there from the start, and by mere complication and necessary Forms (equations) delivered inevitably today’s World. Real development is much more uneven and indeed creative than that. It involves swift eruptions of Causes and Transformations with intervening periods of Quiescence and Stability. And crucially such Emergences will not be encapsulated in mere equations, for such are retrospective and descriptive, and never truly creative.

So, we must approach this question with known Emergences as our most reliable guides, and NOT our tool bag of pure Forms derived from today’s World. To break from these self-forged manacles we must search for remnant primaeval Energy within the cacophony of current Forms, which fill today’s Universe. And we have to consider where we might still find such things! It must surely be at the furthest leading Edges of our expanding Universe. Yet our foremost scientists take the exact opposite view, instead of looking outwards, they decided to concentrate all their efforts and knowledge to replicate the Big Bang (though on a more modest scale of course). The design of the Large Hadron Collider is expected to actually make Matter from Energy alone. I don’t think so!

The necessary research will not be using ever-bigger atom smashers, but on the one hand seeking the remnants of the earliest times in the Universe, and on the other with research into the nature of ALL Emergences.


1.To tackle the Evolution of the Universe, we must have a clearly defined and explained starting point. And it cannot be merely formalist as is the current consensus. It must explain!

2.And we cannot avoid having a sound idea of the initial producing Event, It will surely have to be an Emergence, and for that to occur, it must have had a pre-history, and a prior Stability, which cataclysmically collapsed and regenerated into what we call our Universe.

3.Crucially, the middle Phase in any Emergence is the important one, as a host of fragments and processes from before the cataclysm, begin to come together into something entirely new.

4.Such a situation is then under wholly new auspices. The Second Law of Thermodynamics completely disappears and is replaced by its exact opposite – a Law of Increasing Order. And via an oscillation between these two as these regularly replace one another, first increasing and then destroying Order, this continues until a final resolution is achieved in a new and stable Level.

5.Such a resolution is, perhaps surprisingly, very conservative. That final resolution was only possible due to an increasing number of self-maintenance and “alien process” countering processes, which finally brought the oscillation to a halt in Stability. Thereafter, further progressive changes are prohibited by these requirements of Level protection

6.The following Stable period of the newly formed Universe will in the same way have been highly conservative. All real developments would have had to precede it during the Emergence itself. And, indeed, the achieved Stability must have remained relatively unchanged for a very long period of time. For only its undermining and subsequent avalanche of dissociation could bring about its termination, and that is inevitably a very long process.

7.Crucially to expand, presumably via Energy, that first revolution would have to preface all enlargements with the wherewithall to allow such an expansion. The Empty Space to be conquered would in some way have to be prepared, or “paved”

8.For with Energy as our only banker component, for it to conquer ever-larger volumes of nothingness, it must have a means to do that – some sort of medium must also have been an initial product. Now, the first Stability would be minimally Energy plus its necessary Ground, and to find evidence of this we can only look to the furthest edges of the Universe today. We expect remnants of these primaeval forms to continue to exist only there – both the energy and its necessary “track” – like Grommet’s self-laid railway track – the paving of Empty Photons.

9.But, such an initial Stability would merely be the first of many, interrupted by innumerable new Emergences as the Universe regularly reached its limits and precipitated yet another Emergent Event. Indeed, can there be any doubt that the Universe Evolved?

10.Clearly, to reveal the early Universe, we cannot merely extrapolate backwards from its current state, using its current laws. Such regular cataclysmic changes would re-set all causalities and make them untraceable.

11. This being the case, present day scientists could only predicate the whole history upon Primaeval Energy, as the sole source of Everything – and to answer the unanswerable would involve having to attempt to replicate what had actually happened. They decided to build the Large Hadron Collider, and hopefully find the “thing” that brought about the birth of Matter – the Higg’s Boson.

12.But, clearly, this can only be a total dead end! And the alternative has to be an entirely new approach based upon the idea of evolution, and the alternation of Emergent Events and long periods of Stability. They must study Emergences!

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