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Can We See The Edge (Part 2)

SERIES: The Shell Universe
AUTHOR: Jim Schofield


The paper looks again at the concept of an Empty Photon paved Universe, with the consequent limitation of light propagation to only within the physical extent of such a Universe. And there, with unavoidable Totally Internal Reflection at the boundaries producing a host of virtual copies of the really existing sources (within the Universe), but placing these images out beyond the limits into the Empty Space to be found there.

In this description, an added feature is a series of diagrams to illustrate exactly what would be happening in such circumstances. In addition the description here goes beyond its prior version, by considering our Universe as of a Shell Form – caused by a finite duration of the producing Big Bang, and consequently with both concave and convex boundaries, capable of totally internally reflecting and hence a more complex virtual view of what actually exists.

Complex and differing multiple views of a single real source from both types of boundary are described, and the final result does present an alternative capable of explaining many phenomena currently “explained” by very dubious means.

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1.The paper starts by revealing the conceptual sources for the new idea of a Shell-Shaped Universe based on a Big Bang of finite duration, and an internal paving of Empty Photons. In addition the inability of external Empty Space to propagate light, and totally internal reflection of all internal light within the Universe would deliver a wholly illusory picture of his context to any observer.

2.And this illusory view would not reveal the Shell nature, but would give both an extended and apparently evenly spread spherical picture instead. Now, though these ideas have been described elsewhere, this paper includes many diagrams to illustrate what is conceived to be happening to light from stars and galaxies before it reaches an observer. The first image is of totally internal reflections and the virtual copies of real sources, and where they appear to be.

3.The possibility of multiple, widely dispersed, images of the same source is described, and the modification of what an observer would see and hence conclude, is explained. Indeed, a single star might well appear in certain conditions as a Star Cluster!

4.Perhaps the most remarkable effect of this totally internal reflection within an expanding Shell Universe must be when light cycles right round the whole Shell (maybe several times) and the consequence of an observer seeing several of these simultaneously.

5.Yet such phenomena, if correctly interpreted, would give unparalleled historical information from several times in the history of a single source, and could also allow the removal of virtual images and the clear discovery of the actual boundaries of our Universe.

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